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Rp 11.950.000
Rp 11.450.000Rp 11.450.000

Fujitsu Scanner iX1600

ScanSnap iX1600 is the evolved flagship model of the ScanSnap series, enabling scanning at higher speeds of 40 ppm/80 ipm (A4-size documents, color, 300dpi). It comes with the all-familiar 4.3-inch touch screen to bridge the gap where the physical and digital meets. The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, making it the perfect model for team sharing and combined use with cloud services.

  • Intuitive 4.3-inch touch screen
  • Wi-Fi (2.5GHz) compatibility
  • Speedy scans up to 40 ppm/80 ipm (A4-size documents, color, 300dpi)
  • 50 sheets Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • For both individual and team use
  • Ultrasonic Sensor and high-quality Brake Roller for stable feed
  • Receipt Guide provides stable scanning for inconsistent paper sizes
  • Streak Reduction producing clean images
  • Best experiences with ScanSnap Home
  • Conventional software ScanSnap Manager also available
  • Connect to ScanSnap Cloud without the PC


Rp 12.988.000
Rp 12.788.000Rp 12.788.000

Fujitsu ix500

The ScanSnap iX500 provides PC and Mac users an effective way to greatly reduce paper clutter, storage space, and security risks associated with unmanaged paperwork at home or the office. For even greater accessibility and usefulness, users can now scan wirelessly to a PC or Mac as well as iOS or Android mobile devices.

  • One touch scanning
  • Scan wirelessly to PC, Mac, iOS or Android mobile devices
  • Blazing 25ppm color scanning
  • 50 sheets Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Built-in GI microprocessor
  • Advanced paper feeding system
  • Best experience with ScanSnap Home
  • Device-less scanning with ScanSnap Cloud


Rp 13.299.000
Rp 12.699.000Rp 12.699.000

Fujistu SV600

  • One touch overhead scanning technology
  • Scans an A3 size area in less than 3 seconds
  • CCD optic with fast LED illumination
  • Single scan multiple document cropping function
  • Auto page-turn detection sensor
  • Book curve image-flattening technology
  • Erase finger from image function
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Best experience with ScanSnap Home
Rp 4.998.000
Rp 4.498.000Rp 4.498.000

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

Scanner Type: ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), Duplex

Scanning Modes: Color, Grayscale, Monochrome, Automatic Image Sensor

CIS (Color Image Sensor) x 2Light Source

3 color LED (Red / Green / Blue)

Optical Resolution: 600 dpi

Scanning Speed: (A4 portrait / AC adapter)

Auto Mode: Simplex/ Duplex: 6 ppm

Normal Mode: Simplex/ Duplex: 12 ppm (Color: 150 dpi, Grayscale: 300 dpi)

Better Mode: Simplex/ Duplex: 9 ppm (Color: 200 dpi, Grayscale: 400 dpi)

Best Mode: Simplex/ Duplex: 6 ppm (Color: 300 dpi, Grayscale: 600 dpi)

  • Excellent Mode: Simplex / Duplex: 1 ppm (Color: 600 dpi, Grayscale: 1,200 dpi)
  • Scanning Speed: (A4 portrait / USB bus power)(3)
  • Auto Mode: Simplex / Duplex: 2 ppm
  • Normal Mode: Simplex / Duplex: 4 ppm (Color: 150 dpi, Grayscale: 300 dpi)
  • Better Mode: Simplex / Duplex: 3 ppm (Color 200 dpi, Grayscale 400 dpi)
  • Best Mode: Simplex / Duplex: 2 ppm (Color: 300 dpi, Grayscale: 600 dpi)


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  • AC cable, AC adapter, USB bus power cable
  • USB cable, Getting started
  • Safety Precautions, Set-up DVD-ROM